Visitors walk through the doors of churches and often walk back out without really feeling welcome or at home. At Chesterfield Community Church, we seek to encourage our Visitors to feel welcome and at home and to return and join our fellowship. We believe Visitor follow-up is a key ministry of our church.

One personal way we have chosen to let our Visitors know that they are welcome is a Visitor greeting system we have called, Gwen’s Pen. Gwen’s Pen has been found to be a powerful and non-intrusive first step in our personal outreach program.

Beginning relationships through outreach by gathering Visitors' names and addresses and then sending a personalized greeting note in the mail has been found to be an effective way to express care for our Visitors and to ensure they understand they have an open invitation to return and seek  fellowship with us.

Gwen’s Pen is named in remembrance of Gwen Lutterman, a faithful and obedient servant of our Lord and our church. Gwen, throughout the years, tirelessly reached out quietly and behind the scenes to Visitors in an extraordinarily caring and personal way through written correspondence. Her humble dedication to outreach ministry has been an inspiration to us all.

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Gwen’s Pen is an ongoing ministry of our church dedicated to reach visitors to our congregation through personal correspondence.

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